Ranking the BTD6 5th Tier Towers in terms of the upgrade descriptions NK gave them. r/btd6

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The Dartling Gunner is a relatively new face in BTD6, unlocked by popping 500,000 bloons since his release in December 2020. A 4/2/0 or 0/2/4 are both promising paths depending on whether you want.

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Bloons TD 6: The Best Towers, Ranked By Hodey Johns Updated Sep 30, 2023 In the beginning, any monkey is valid in Bloons TD 6. But on higher difficulties and maps, only a few towers are.

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The Best Tower According To r/BTD6: Results Discussion So you all voted for the worst tower, and that one was eliminated. Then you voted again. And again. And now, I have a list of how you guys ranked the BTD6 towers. Alchemist Monkey Village Ninja Monkey Monkey Sub Spike Factory Monkey Buccaneer Sniper Monkey Dartling Gunner Dart Monkey

Ranking the BTD6 5th Tier Towers in terms of the upgrade descriptions NK gave them. r/btd6

When playing Bloons TD 6, you'll want to know what the best towers are to help you survive against any boss. Facing off against bosses is one of the most fun things to do in Bloons Tower Defense 6.

Bloons TD 6 10 Best Towers For Bosses

Best Bloons TD6 Strategies By Alex Huebner , Jen Rothery , Wiki_Creation_Bot , +3 more updated Jun 16, 2023 Like any tower defense game, there are plenty of different strategies for you to.

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Bloons TD 6 is a mobile tower defence title where you fight against your enemies with towers and melee troops. All the units in the game are monkeys, including your army and towers. What are Towers for in Bloons TD 6? Towers, also known as a Monkey, is a special unit in Bloons TD 6 that has ranged attacks.

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The Best Heroes In Bloons Tower Defense 6 Home Indie Games Indie Game Lists Bloons TD 6: The Best Heroes, Ranked By Jacqueline Zalace and Matthew Pentleton Updated Jul 19, 2023 When the clock is ticking and you need to keep that tower safe in Bloons Tower Defense 6, which heroes should you count on?

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updated Jun 11, 2023 As you get started, you're sure to notice the good variety of monkey towers spread across four categories. While choosing a strong character from the list of all hero monkeys.

BTD6 Towers ranked by where they fight (last one i swear) r/btd6

r/btd6 • 5 yr. ago Shuai_Nerd Tower DPS and Efficiencies, expanded (featuring a best of list) Science Original post So I updated the list to include a much larger variety of towers, pretty much any tower within reason.

Bloons TD 6 10 Best Towers For Bosses

What are the best towers in Bloons TD 6? today we use tiermaker to rank all of the best towers in the game! Let me know your opinion in the comments below :).

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Ninja Kiwi There is no objective way to win a Bloons TD 6 game. Bloons Tower Defense 6 heroes tier list We've placed the heroes in Bloons Tower Defense 6 in tiers ranging from S to D. S is the strongest tier while D is for the weakest characters. Best heroes in Bloons Tower Defense 6

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Today we rank all towers in Bloons TD 6. What is the best tower for each strategy? What abilities are best! Find out now!My Gear/Kit - https://kit.co/Superjo.

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What are the top 5 best tower combos of all time? Some towers are better than others and some work really well with each other. Today we show you a some ways.


There are several towers in Bloons Tower Defense 6, but these are some of the best ones that you can place in the game. Bloons Tower Defense 6 is a game of intense strategy, where knowing.

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Best Towers in Bloons TD 6 By: Michael Hassall - Updated: May 6, 2022 Six of the best in Bloons Tower Defense 6. Screenshot by Pro Game Guides Bloons TD 6 is one of the premier tower defense games out there. Like all games in the genre, it has many towers—or in this case, monkeys.

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DaScavenger Tower Ratings and Recommended Upgrades Hi everyone! This post is here to inform everyone on what I think the best upgrades are for each of the towers. Additionally, each tower also has a rating from 0-10 in several areas, which shows how good they are at various different things. Read below to see what I have rated the towers on.

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